Mobile Workforce Support

Above all, mobility has to work in order to deliver the productivity benefits it promises. Employee downtime from lost or damaged devices, improper device configuration, or the inability to access the latest applications can seriously undermine productivity—along with the return on your mobility investment. With help from a mobility-as-a-service provider, you can keep your remote workforce up and running at all times, quickly scale your IT team’s reach to better protect sensitive data, and gain a clearer picture of mobility performance across your organization.

Keep Your Workforce Mobilized with On-Demand Support

Providing a great mobility experience means delivering responsive support whenever your remote workers need it most. Chances are, your existing IT staff is already pressed for time and may not have the training to dive into a mobility help-desk role. And relying on carriers and handset manufacturers for assistance can result in long wait times and unresolved issues, which only increases your help-desk call volume. Enterprise Mobile provides 24x7x365 phone-based support to augment your existing IT capabilities. Whether your employees need to replace their smartphones or tablets, or troubleshoot hardware or software issues, our team of professionals is available around-the-clock to help.

Beyond assisting your end users, our team of consultants can help your IT organization assess support needs, advise on mobility policy development, and assist in creating help-desk workflows to maximize efficiency. By centralizing your mobility support function through a single provider, you can gain increased visibility into the health and performance of your mobile ecosystem so that you can track ROI over time and identify areas for additional cost savings.

»Track Mobility Performance and ROI.

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