Mobile Device Management

Whether you support Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD), supply corporate-owned devices to your entire workforce, or rely on a hybrid approach, you still need to manage wireless access to your enterprise network. Monitoring and supporting an increasingly diverse mix of devices that run different operating systems and are supplied by a variety of carriers is no small challenge. Emerging security threats and the rapid pace of innovation in the mobility market only add complexity to the equation. While there are a host of mobility management solutions available, how do you determine which is the best fit for your organization?

Safeguard More than Just the Device

When thinking about securing your organization’s mobility perimeter, you need to consider more than just your devices. You also need to take steps to protect the applications that reside on and are accessed through those devices, as well as the integrity of your corporate data at rest and in transit. Through our partnerships with the world’s leading providers of mobile device, application, and content management solutions, we can assist you in selecting the services that best fit your organization’s needs. Our consultants can also work with your enterprise IT team to plan, implement, and administer the mobility management solution of your choice.

Create Your End-to-End Security Strategy

Enterprise Mobile can help you take action on corporate mobility mandates without jeopardizing security. Our team will assist you in prioritizing investments in mobile security that incorporate hardware, software, and services to ensure end-to-end protection for your wireless infrastructure. And we can work closely with your business and technology leaders to adapt to your mobile security strategy as your organization’s needs change.

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