Application ABCs: How to ensure that you’re making smart decisions about mobile apps


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As mobile enterprise apps become more prevalent in the marketplace, companies must face a long list of decisions before they can offer their employees this welcome efficiency boost. Part two in our series walks you through some of these considerations, including:

  • App strategies that won’t break the bank.

    Can you find off-the-shelf apps that will work for you, or do you have to build your own? You’ll only know after you figure out your mobile app needs in several key areas. If you buy apps, make sure you’ve vetted them to avoid overloading your help desk and emptying your piggy bank on the wrong tools. Learn how to develop a comprehensive app strategy that will set you on the right path and keep you from the dreaded trial-and-error approach.

  • Effective mobile app development.

    It may be possible to customize off-the-shelf apps to arrive at affordable tools that will suit your business. Or perhaps your existing desktop apps can easily be extended into your mobile environment. If not, you’ll need to enter the world of mobile app development. Learn how to weigh the pros and cons of native, web, and hybrid apps, based on factors like the nature of your mobile environment and your dev team’s areas of expertise. You’ll also need to determine which platforms to work on.

  • App delivery and ongoing management.

    You have apps in hand… now what? Read about how to distribute and manage those apps, possibly with the help of a mobile application management (MAM) solution that includes an enterprise app store. Learn how you can use MAM software to help set up and secure your apps, enable “dual-persona” environments, and set policies regarding corporate data. By getting app management right the first time, you’ll inspire user confidence and achieve the productivity gains that mobility can bring to strategic companies.

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Enterprise App Stores For Managing and Deploying Mobile Apps

If you haven’t already started to think about how to support it in your own environment, there is a great deal of market activity centered around applications on mobile devices in the enterprise. There are various tools and solutions to assist. Ranging from application development, Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

Here is a quick link to an article that sums it up pretty well, and I shared what we are seeing some of current customers doing as well:

With the much anticipated Windows 8 lunch coming up this month another unknown at this time is how the new Microsoft Windows 8 platform will provide the ability to support an Enterprise App Store for private in-house coded applications, not provided on the public Windows App Store.