Live from Mobile World Congress 2014 – Part 1

February 26, 2014

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Technology in the hands

Mobile World Congress kicked off with a bang, and the impact of yesterday’s announcements will no doubt be felt by the enterprise. One of the most exciting parts for me is hearing about all the new devices: smartphones, tablets, wearables.  Whether your organization issues corporate-owned devices, follows a BYOD policy or both, it’s essential you know the capabilities of any device your employee might find themselves holding. This is the future of how we are going to connect, personally and at work. Here are a few that stood out.

Samsung is a big player this year with the number and quality of new devices. It just unveiled its newest smartphone, the Galaxy S5, due to be released in April. The phone features advanced camera software and a 16-megapixel camera. It also has an Ingress Protection rating of 67, meaning it is completely dustproof and fairly waterproof. A fingerprint reader is built into the home button and a heart monitor sensor is below the camera on the back. The Samsung Gear 2 is the current smart watch accessory for your mobile device, with a recently updated operating system and a faster processor.

The Samsung Gear Fit is a fitness tracker wristband device. It has a large interactive display with touchscreen input. Like the Galaxy S5 itself, the Gear Fit incorporates a heart rate sensor in addition to a pedometer and gyroscope. It’s waterproof and its battery should last three to four days on a single charge. Like the Gear 2, you need a Samsung phone to take full advantage of the Gear Fit.

Side note: it’s fun to see the 2014 predictions we made around wearable devices coming true!

Many other companies are showcasing new products as well. Interestingly, even though Nokia was recently acquired by Microsoft, the Nokia X smartphone is running Android. However, the user interface looks similar to the traditional Windows phone. The Xperia 2 is the latest version of Sony’s phone and tablet, which won best in show last year. This version is very light, thin, and waterproof. In terms of storage, SanDisk introduced a 128 GB microSD card for mobile devices. Now, in a very small form factor—the size of finger nail—you can hold 75,000 photos or 24 hours of video.

Those are just a few of the impressive announcements that we’ve heard so far. I’m looking forward to three more days here, and sharing other upcoming highlights from the event. Don’t forget to register for our recap webinar, taking place on March 4th.

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