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Expertly Deploying the iPad to Business Users

The iPad certainly has been a game changer for the enterprise. At Enterprise Mobile, we’ve seen significant interest among our customers, who are finding compelling reasons to adopt the tablet for their business. They come to us for help deploying the iPad to their employees and for user support and device management services.

Now, we expect business users to explore even more ways to use the tablet, as the much-anticipated iPad 2 arrives on the market. It’s thinner, lighter and faster than the original, and sports front- and rear-facing cameras, which will appeal to users across industries.

Enterprise Mobile has been busy helping companies bring the Apple tablet into their environments in a way that enriches the user experience without jeopardizing corporate computing policies.  We’re working with companies that don’t have the internal expertise to achieve that balance alone – and lack the time needed to understand the full range of requirements for an iPad project.

As a result, companies are turning to our mobility architects, who have spent considerable time gaining experience with the iOS platform and the different mobile device management (MDM) solutions that allow enterprises to manage iOS devices (the iPad,  iPhone and iPod touch) with confidence.

For organizations in diverse industries, including airlines, media, pharmaceuticals, and the food and beverage market, we deploy iPads to employees. We also handle end user support, as well as ongoing device management for the iPad (installing and administering the MDM solution that’s right for a company’s particular business and technical needs). Since most companies have little experience with the tablet, they rely on our expertise to address everything that’s needed for a speedy iPad deployment and successful ongoing initiative.  

Read our iPad case study to learn more about how we’re helping companies take advantage of the elegance and versatility of the iPad.  It describes how Enterprise Mobile deployed more than 1300 iPads to an airline’s pilots and how we provide end user support and replacement services to ensure that the pilots can productively use the iPad in place of the huge technical manuals they would otherwise lug into the cockpit.