Mobile Platform Enhancements Mean More Capabilities for Users, But Greater Challenges for Enterprise IT

This week Google announced Android 3.0, code-named Honeycomb, the much-anticipated version of the OS that delivers a range of capabilities designed to support tablets. With this new release, Google aims to help Android-based tablets successfully compete with the iPad, the tablet that has captured the imagination of users worldwide.

The pace of change in the mobility space is truly remarkable, like nothing we’ve seen before. By my calculations, we can expect to see 7 to 10 new versions of the major platforms each year. That’s likely 2 or 3 each from Google and Apple and a couple for Windows Phone. And as for mobile devices – nearly every month new ones appear on the market.

Enhancements to mobile device platforms give consumers a constantly growing range of choices when they compare smartphones and tablets. Whether they are looking for a device for personal or business use – or both – they definitely have a broad selection from which to choose.

But, as the pace of change provides an increasingly rich and more satisfying experience for users, it creates serious challenges for IT.  Keeping up with constantly changing platforms, devices and device management solutions (not to mention fickle mobile users and their unpredictable preferences) can be overwhelming. The diversity among mobile platforms and devices means IT must struggle to track mobile management and security capabilities and keep up with the solutions and best practices for implementing them.

Enterprise Mobile, providing corporate mobility services across industries, provides a way for organizations to tap mobility expertise and avoid the effort and expense of acquiring that expertise internally. We’ve taken on the challenge of tracking updates to the major mobile platforms, devices, and device management solutions. Armed with that knowledge, we’re helping our customers deploy devices like the iPad to employees and providing support and management services to help the mobile workforce perform more effectively.