Mobile Platform Diversity Promotes the Need for Help Desk Support

According to a recent article in Computerworld, help desk calls have been increasing, while help desk budgets were being trimmed. The piece summarizes research by HDI (formerly the Help Desk Institute) that found that 67% of all help desk operations saw jumps in the number of incidents reported in 2010. The article also reports that a recent survey by Computer Economics revealed that IT organizations have cut help desk staffs, from an average of 6.9% of total IT staff to 6%.

At a time when companies are supporting two, three, or even four mobile platforms, the need for help desk support couldn’t be greater. Users of mobile devices, not surprisingly, are often out on the road, where they depend on their smartphones and other devices to stay in touch with customers and colleagues and maintain access to critical data and documents. For these users, support is critical.

As companies add newer mobile platforms like Android and Apple iOS to their environments, user needs and the amount of technical savvy required to address them become increasingly complex. As a result, at Enterprise Mobile we’re fielding more requests for our mobility support services. Many IT groups either cannot find people with the expertise needed to support multiple mobile platforms or do not want to hire additional help desk personnel.  With our services, companies can define the SLAs they need to keep their users productive and pay predictable fees to meet their needs. 

I’m not surprised to read that the number of help desk incidents has been on the upswing. Our people are on the receiving end of many of the calls users are placing. They’re fielding user questions about the different types of smartphones used in the enterprise, as well as the iPad and iPod touch and rugged handheld devices that run on Windows Embedded. They also answer questions about mobile apps, OS upgrades, and carrier service. As mobile devices take on a greater role across industries, Enterprise Mobile will buck the trend. Our mobility support services and help desk staff will grow to keep pace with the demand and effectively support the major smartphone platforms.