White Paper Provides Sound Advice on iPhone Enterprise Deployments

A new white paper from Enterprise Mobile describes how companies can validate that the iPhone platform addresses user, technical and business requirements. “Certifying the iPhone to Ensure a Successful Deployment” is available for free download now. The paper outlines steps companies should take to plan and implement an enterprise-scale rollout, drawing on knowledge Enterprise Mobile attained through large iPhone deployments for companies in a variety of industries.

A Look at the Enterprise Mobility Landscape

I sat down with Philippe Winthrop of the Enterprise Mobility Foundation not long ago to talk about a range of mobility topics. We conversed about the temptation for enterprises to take an individual liable approach for the mobile devices their employees use to conduct business and the overarching issue of corporate responsibility. Then we touched on recently announced capabilities for iPhone 4.0, and Apple’s increased focus on addressing the enterprise’s security and management requirements. See the full interview here.

Device Management Is Vital to any Enterprise Mobility Initiative

Whether you’re tasked with overseeing 500 or 5000 smart phones or rugged devices, the same principles for successful device management hold true. Talking with Enterprise Mobile’s customers, I’ve found that they are experiencing similar device management challenges, whether they are in manufacturing, retail, health care, media, or some other market.  

Device management encompasses the management, control and updating of mobile devices. The more thoroughly you plan your device management strategy, the more you’ll reap from the processes you put in place. Your users will experience less downtime and, by gaining control over software updates, you will allow your employees to bypass the time-consuming task of taking their devices to a phone store or stopping by IT for updates. “Over the air” updates are easy to perform to quickly enhance user performance and maintain device and data security. 

As the number of smart phones in the enterprise only continues to increase, device management is more important now than ever before. The folks at InformationWeek echo my sentiment – check out their survey results in the current issue’s cover story.

The key to successful device management is understanding how the phones are used and the best practices you can implement to keep your users up and running, regardless of the problems they encounter with their devices.  By installing the solution that best meets your organization’s needs, you can collect the data you require, tracking how your employees interact with their phones and at what cost.  This data can help you make educated choices about your mobility strategy so that you can make adjustments to better support users and control wireless costs.

Last year I spelled out some of the issues you need to consider as you assess your organization’s mobility strengths in an article on CIO.com. Check it out when you get the chance.