MDM connectivity issues with some APNs

When installing System Center Mobile Device Manager (aka MDM) in a customer environment recently, I encountered a scenario where VPN connectivity worked on all but one of the mobile networks we tested. Here’s a recap of the challenges I encountered, and the eventual solution.

After installing all MDM components, we were able to successfully enroll and connect two T-mobile devices without any problems. Next, we tried connecting AT&T devices (using the recommended isp.cingular APN), and the tunnel would come up but the device could not access any internal systems. Policies would get pushed down to T-mobile (or even WiFi) connected devices flawlessly, yet isp.cingular would always fail. This happened consistently across a variety of devices, SIMs and regions of the country. We were also able to take the same device, SIM and APN and connect fine to our MDM lab here at Enterprise Mobile. Read the rest of this entry »

Software distribution with MDM

UPDATE: Check out our CAB Signing Tool if you need to sign CAB files with your own certificate.

A recurring question I get is how to test and demo the software distribution capabilities of MDM.

People generally run into errors with importing test CAB files because the DM does not trust the signature the CAB was signed with – or the CAB is simply unsigned. First thing to note is the software distribution server can only import signed CAB files. You cannot disable this feature (as of this writing anyway.) The root certs of the certificate that signed the cab file must be in the Trusted Publisher store on the DM server. In most cases you will have to manually put it there. Read the rest of this entry »

Needed: OMA DM API on Windows Mobile

The Windows Mobile device management platform supports two different Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) standards: OMA Client Provisioning (OMA CP) and OMA Device Management (OMA DM). By the say, OMA CP is the new name for WAP Provisioning. So, when you see Windows Mobile configuration XML with the root node of <wap-provisioningdoc>, you know you are using OMA CP.

Because Windows Mobile supports both OMA CP and OMA DM, you’ll find that MSDN documentation for most Windows Mobile Configuration Service Providers will include information on configuration XML for both standards. OMA DM is suppose to be the new, improved standard (and it is in many ways). So, you may wonder why OMA CP support is still included. Read the rest of this entry »

The “Save Password” checkbox does not work in Mobile IE

Here is a little issue that I researched this week and I thought I’d share it on the blog.

PROBLEM: When accessing a website that is secured to use an NTLM authenticated password, the “Save Password” option does not work on Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Here are detailed steps that outline how to reproduce this problem using a Motorola/Symbol MC70 Pocket PC. Note that the test device was running Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU3. Read the rest of this entry »